Here are my picks for the 2012 NFL All-Rookie Team (best rookie at every position):
Let's begin with the undoubtedly most impressive class, the quarterbacks.
I simply can't make a decision on this one. Not only can't I choose between Luck and RG3, but Russell Wilson should also be in the conversation. He has been a sunshine story in the NFL, and it's hard not to love the guy.

On the other hand (or should I say arm? :P ) No other rookie arm has been more valuable to a team than Luck's throwing arm. The Colts rely on Luck more than the Seahawks and Redskins rely on their rookie quarterbacks, Luck reminds me of Peyton Manning in his intelligence, cool head, and as a pure passer. He's no Peyton Manning, that's for sure, but at least he's a far better runner.

Talk about runner, RG3 is definitely the best scrambling QB out of this year's class, but he also has a remarkable passer rating for a rookie. He is more used in the zone-read college type of option plays than e.g. Luck, but has also shown that he can be a great pocket passer. RG3 is like a bigger and more accurate Michael Vick.

As for the Luck vs. RG3 debate, which has only intensified since the draft, I think we will have to wait until next year to make a definite decision. However, I have a feeling RG3 might struggle a little more with injuries so that could be a deciding factor.

For more in-depth comparison of the rookie quarterbacks, click here.

Now that we have the quarterback covered (sort of), things get far less complicated.

Halfback: Doug Martin.

Fullback: Pass. (hey! better be honest than copy of some other guy)

Wide receiver: Wow! Again, pass. (no rookie receiver deserves the recognition right now)

Tight End: Dwayne Allen. No tight end really stands out this year, but Allen is a solid pick.

Offensive tackle: 1. Matt Kalil (no brainer) and 2. Cordy Glenn.

Offensive guard: 1. Kevin Zeitler and 2. Undecided. (besides Zeitler, no one really stands out)

Center: Pass.

Phu... I just came to realize how weak this class has been on the offensive side.
Moving over to the defense...

Defensive ends: Chandler Jones and Bruce Irvin

Defensive tackle: Pass.

Outside linebacker (not 3-4): Dont’a Hightower,

Inside linebacker: Luke Kuechly. Honorable mention: Bobby Wagner.

Cornerbacks: 1. Casey Hayward and 2. Morris Claiborne. Why are the Packers always so lucky finding cornerbacks?

Safety: Harrison Smith.

... And to perfectly round it of in a complete circle, this has been the year of rookie quarterbacks... and kickers/punters.

Kicker: Blair Walsh. Honorable Mention: Justin Tucker (BAL) and Greg Zuerlein (STL).

Punter: Johnny Hekker. Honorable mention, Bryan Anger.

Worth to mention: The Vikings have 3 rookies who are clear favorites at their position. That's how you start rebuilding a team!

PS: Sorry for the whole in my team, but I tried to be as honest as possible. I don't wanna rank a player I'm not sure deserves it.