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    2010 Free Agency

    Clipped from an article on

    Recent rookie deals to make for an interesting 2010
    Last year, 24 of the 32 first-round picks signed six-year contracts. This year, close to 30 of the first-round picks have signed five-year contracts because the Collective Bargaining Agreement has not been extended in time for the rookie negotiations. Because of the present circumstances, the 2005 rookies can't prorate signing bonus money longer than five years. Sooner or later, the CBA will be extended, but a serious issue will exist right after the 2009 season.

    The 2004 top selections on six-year contracts and the large number of 2005 players on five-year deals will all file for free agency at the same time, and that means a flood of quality players hitting the market simultaneously. Each team has one franchise/transition tag to protect the best player scheduled for free agency, but the decision about how to use that tag heading into the 2010 season will be difficult if a club's first-round picks from '04 and '05 are headed toward free agency together.

    When I was in the NFL, I worked very hard to stagger expiration dates of all the top player contracts for the express purpose of not getting leveraged by the players. For example, look at the Detroit Lions, who by no means are isolated from other teams with this scenario. Last year, wide receiver Roy Williams signed a six-year deal, while wide receiver Mike Williams signed a five-year deal this year. If both are great players, as many believe they will be, the Lions face the task of dealing with both of them at the same time.

    If you just project the wide receiver position to 2010 free agency, there's a good chance last year's first-round receivers Larry Fitzgerald, Lee Evans, Michael Clayton and Reggie Williams could come free with 2005 picks Braylon Edwards, Mike Williams, Troy Williamson and Roddy White among others, which is not what the players or clubs want to see.

    Players looking for a huge payday are going to be faced with a glut of quality players available. Teams trying to re-sign their top players may have too many quality players on their roster to afford. Look for NFL front-office people and agents to start working on restructured contracts from these past two draft classes a little earlier than they usually would in the past. The old rule of not renegotiating until the last year of a contract may be passé when teams hit 2008, which is only three years away.

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    Re: 2010 Free Agency

    Most of them are good/great or should be atleast.. Im sure a majority of them will get resigned then after thier contracts are up.. If not 2010 should be a huge market for free agents

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