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    2008 Free Agency Preview - Tight Ends & Fullbacks

    [size=13pt]2008 Free Agency Preview-Tight Ends/Fullbacks[/size]

    By Adam Caplan
    Senior NFL Reporter

    Posted Feb 14, 2008

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    Re: 2008 Free Agency Preview - Tight Ends & Fullbacks

    IMHO these are the biggest positions of mystery for the Vikings with that said A couple of names of interest for me, not sayin that we should run out and sign them but would not be dissapointed to see them in purple or be surprised iif they were. Of course I want Richardson back but Tapeh
    he is a former eagle so there is the obvious connection with chilly but also because he is a local kid. Speaking of local kids Ben Utech would make a nice back up TE if we are looking at Shiancoe as the starting TE.
    He is a RFA so I am not sure what we would have to give up to sign him.

    Otherwise I don't see Clark leaving The Colts but anything could happen. now that Crumpler is available I think it would be a solid Pick up. Other wise unless we go draft there is really no other TE's that jump out at me. Also Hoover IMHO would be a nice pick up at FB he is a nice short yardage back and has shown in the past that he can bang it out between the tackles. I also believe that these are 2
    positions that we really have no idea what the Vikings are planning on doing with. Stick with what we have and resign TR at FB or let TR go shift some players around. Jimmy K, or Mills, who can both play FB and Pick up a TE via draft/FA or some combination of that.

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    Re: 2008 Free Agency Preview - Tight Ends & Fullbacks

    I think we are set at TE but FB is another story.

    If T-rich will come back for a year then I think he will, however, I look for the the staff to draft a guy that fits the scheme (blocks, runs and catches).

    My rationale for the draft as an option is centered around the fact that although alot of people think we are sitting pretty with respect to a windfall in CAP that can be spent on every player out there, that isn't the case.

    If the staff is smart they will use what CAP they have available for WR, DE, S and sign all the rookies they draft.

    Probably won't be much left over after that.
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