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    2007 NFL Draft Do-Over

    2007 draft do-over: This time, Raiders take Peterson

    The 2007 Draft was the year of defensive linemen busts. Six defensive linemen were selected in the first round and no defensive linemen are in the first round do-over draft. Thank God the Vikings didn't go with needs that year!

    I love looking back at the 2007 Draft. For me, it's the one moment that started my love for the Minnesota Vikings. I was a fan before the draft, but it was the addition of Adrian Peterson that really brought back the excitement and new hopes.

    It's amazing that Bucky Brooks has two Vikings players drafted before the 10th selection, but I can't really disagree. I probably would have drafted both of them in the top 10 too.

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    Re:2007 NFL Draft Do-Over

    Thanks for the read my friend.

    I like Bucky. I wish they had him on the NFLN show a bit more than they do.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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