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    13* new things I can’t wait to see in NFL ‘08

    Welcome to sports’ annual summer lull, or the homestretch to end the long NFL offseason. With some teams installing revamped schemes and other teams welcoming key new players, this is where every coach, player and fan can bank on high hopes for the upcoming season.

    That includes us fans turned writers. I’m naturally enthusiastic about all things NFL, but for the sake of time and the convenience here is a quick look at 13 exciting new developments I’m looking forward to seeing in 2008:

    1. Jared Allen flying off the Minnesota Vikings’ defensive line. Minnesota is just about on every radar ...
    14. Adrian Peterson.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: 13* new things I can’t wait to see in NFL ‘08

    21. Tarvaris Jackson emerging as a pro bowl caliber QB

    Pissing on the Pack since 08'

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    Re: 13* new things I can’t wait to see in NFL ‘08

    I am so sick of people riding Rodgers nuts. Man I hope he sucks. I almost hate him more than Favre.

    some hope from what Rodgers did against Dallas last season
    : Please it was one game and he was not that impressive. Big deal he went 18 for 26 and 201 yards with a TD against a soft defense. He was also sacked 3 times for -24 yards. Seems like a nice little snack for Allen and the rest of our D line.

    what we’ll see from Rodgers is fewer jaw-dropping plays but fewer head-shaking mistakes
    I don't care what anyone says he has no real in game experience and will have many mistakes.

    several talented teammates on both sides of the ball and that protecting the ball and executing simple throws will be enough to win plenty of games.
    Similar situation for TJ, so why is Rodgers fine?

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