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    10 ways to improve the NFL

    10 ways to improve the NFL
    Kevin Hench /
    2 Feb. 2007

    Good list for the most part, here are a few I liked:

    8. Send Ron Mexico to Canada
    Once the new face of the NFL — with the league's top-selling jersey, biggest contract and scores of endorsement deals — Michael Vick has now become the do-rag of everything the NFL doesn't want to be. He's a finger-pointing coach killer and finger-flipping fan disrespecter who got fingered at an airport for refusing to fork over his, uh, marijuana-friendly water bottle. The Ricky Williams exile to Canada could be the beginning of a tradition of helping one special player each year appreciate how good he has it in the NFL.

    9. Ban Bryant Gumbel
    Despite his unfortunate choice of metaphor, Bryant Gumbel was basically right about Gene Upshaw. But the NFL still should have used the tasteless comment as an excuse to protect its fans from the play-by-play of this smug blowhard. In addition to the countless mistakes (saying a runner is short of a first down when he's well past the marker, etc.), Gumbel does not come across at all like a guy who enjoys watching football. It's hard to imagine him spending 10 hours on a Sunday soaking in the greatest sport in the world.
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    Re: 10 ways to improve the NFL

    9. Ban Bryant Gumbel


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    Re: 10 ways to improve the NFL

    2. New steroids policy

    Just let the players use them. It's clear the fans don't mind. The most dominant defensive player in the NFL got busted for juicing, his team went 4-0 during his suspension and nobody seemed to care. Imagine if the league leader in home runs got pinched in the middle of the season. My God, the entire BBWAA would land on the guy with the shame and scorn normally reserved for society's worst human beings.

    Shawne Merriman gets busted and the general reaction seemed to be, yeah, we assume they're all on 'roids. Big deal. Is it that — unlike baseball — we want our football gladiators to be roided out of their minds? I mean, if Merriman is any indication, it really does improve the product.
    What an idiot.

    I hope he's kidding. Or else that is probably the stupidest thing I have ever read.

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    Re: 10 ways to improve the NFL

    The guys list sucks...things are how they are for a reason...

    Ban Bryant Gumbel? Screw that, ban JOE BUCK!

    I agree that everything should be reviewable...but dont replace the Lions with the Ravens, thats stupid...the NFC North is like it is because of these teams are all in a tri-state area...

    I like how he mentions 'Iconic' franchises...I hate when ppl favor one franchise over another because they have "history"...the Packers would be considered 'iconic' but I'm sure this dingleberry would leave the Vikings out. Who's to say a team is iconic? It wouldn't be fair either way.

    Ban Ron Mexico to Canada? Screw that, the longer he is starting in the NFC, the better the Vikings odds of winning the Super takes that team out of the equation....

    As for the college OT system...gimme a break...the NCAA can adopt a new OT system but they can't adopt a playoff system? Their OT system is retarded anyway...

    I know what would make the NFL better:

    If the media quit kissing players arses and treated all teams fairly and with the respect they should be due in relation to their WINS and LOSSES....sure, brag up Peyton Manning and the Bears and the Pats, fine, they win games. Stop kissing Favre's arse and Romo's arse as much...last year the Vikes went 9-7 and ppl talked smack like they were 6-10 like this year....


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    Re: 10 ways to improve the NFL

    8. Send Ron Mexico to Canada

    9. Ban Bryant Gumbel

    10. Adopt the college OT system

    These three get my votes!
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: 10 ways to improve the NFL

    Let the Vikings have the Lombardi trophy for a change ;D
    Change the name to the KAO trophy

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