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    '07 Dolphins or '07 Patriots?

    I saw this question on the Dolphins board and thought it was an interesting take, especially for most of us because we would be more neutral.

    I've seen many great Vikings teams and some miserable teams too.
    After decades of following the team I don't get sucked into the positive or negative crap that is written about the team by media pundits that are all too often hacks.

    So, would you rather have a team that shows great promise and then chokes or a team that is obviously struggling and trying to make improvements?

    I put this into the perspective of the Vikings.
    Even the younger fans, like the '98ers' know what it feels like to have an incredible team and have them fold in the end.
    Many of us watched the Vikings lose four SBs.
    The current team is the first team I have seen put on the field in a long time that is being built for success in the long-term and I'm willing to endure a few marginal seasons while they mature.
    I like that alternative much more than having a perennial almost playoff-caliber team that is put together with bandaids and is in constant mediocre hell (e.g., Tice era).

    So, to me, if the SB is not won every season is damn near the same.
    The ultimate goal was not achieved.
    If the team is making progress toward that goal a 7-9 season is just as good as a 15-1 season if the rings are not won.
    Also, if the team has all kinds of internal strife due to allegations (Patriots) or the Vikings during all the scandals during the 'let's be buddy's' HCing era the team is not arriving, or, if it does it is a short-term threat (Lewis et al. Ravens).

    I pick the Dolphins in the posed question.
    They have a high draft pick, coaching changes, and optimism on the horizon.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: '07 Dolphins or '07 Patriots?

    I think I'd rather have the Patriots' story, just because they were still a very good football team and will probably continue to be one... whereas the Dolphins need a lot of rebuilding.

    I think the way our year ended, similar to the '05 season, was pretty bad. The Vikes go on a huge win streak only to choke before even making the playoffs. Now that's a kick in the balls... and I'm sorta tired of it.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re: '07 Dolphins or '07 Patriots?

    At this point after losing SB's, NFC Championship games etc and rarely going through a season in 30 years where there wasn't talk of either needing a new stadium or the possibility of a coaching change I have adopted a stance that any move that does not get us closer to a SB win is a wasted move. Whether that is signing a retread QB, a retread WR or an unproven veteran player to a big contract without having shown they deserve it.

    To me Potential is not interesting at all. We have had the potential to win the SB probably 8 times in the past 25 years and have flopped every time. We have traded half of a pro bowl defense for a RB who didn't fit our system, Brought in too many aging QB's who were past their prime and rotated them like dairy cows at milking time and drafted a WR with the potential of becoming the greatest WR in league history and in the process pissed every one of those opportunities away.

    So which would I rather have? Neither. I just want to see someone in purple and gold raise that Lombardi trophy. Do I think we will do it with a suspect line, a project QB, a WR corps that is among the worst in the league, average DE's and a weak secondary? No. Not even with a stud RB who could potentially become the best Viking ever. Do I think they can fix all of those concerns with the current position coaches and the level of talent they have been bringing in? No.

    I'll take the 97 - 98 Broncos. They won 2 straight after losing 4. That would be great.

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    Re: '07 Dolphins or '07 Patriots?

    The Super Bowl doesn't really mean anything to me.
    It's just the most important of many meaningless games.

    Look, I want the Vikings to win it all.
    It would be fun.
    I would bask in the glorious rays of sunshine emanating from Winter Park for awhile.
    Colors would be brighter, flowers would smell twice as sweet, blah, blah, blah...
    Eventually next season would start and we would be just another team again.

    To me, it's all about the journey.
    And the journey is much more fun if you're watching great football games.

    How many great football games did Patriots fans get to watch this year?
    For true Patriots fans I would argue that maybe only the second Jets game wasn't very entertaining.
    The Super Bowl was an exciting game, even if it ended in heartbreak.
    The Giants had a great playoff run that they will remember forever.
    The Patriots had a great season that they will remember forever, with at least a touch of bitterness.

    I certainly feel that way about the '98 season for the Vikes.
    Every game was fun because we either won (often big) or lost close in an amazing game.
    The first loss to the Bucs was a great game.
    The NFC championship game was one of the best ever NFC title games ever.
    I'm still a little bitter about being on the wrong side of it, but I was watching it with friends and we were living and dying with each play.

    So I'd rather watch my team play well all year only to 'choke' than struggle all year but show some mythical promise.
    This is the NFL.
    Every team has promise and hope going into the next year.
    But watching it come out on the field is what makes it really fun.
    Give me the '07 Patriots over the '07 Dolphins every time.
    When the age of the Vikings came to a close, they must have sensed it. Probably, they gathered together one evening, slapped each other on the back and said, "Hey, good job." - Jack Handey [Deep Thoughts]

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    Re: '07 Dolphins or '07 Patriots?

    I'm retarded, I don't understand

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