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    '06 NFL TV schedule

    I haven't seen this posted yet. May be helpful to some.


    2006 national schedule

    Below is the NFL's 2006 national television schedule, featuring games that will be seen by the whole country. More preseason games will be shown than last year, and NFL Network has joined the mix to bring you eight regular-season contests. This year's traditional Thanksgiving Day games are Miami at Detroit, Tampa Bay at Dallas, and a third game to feature Denver at Kansas City. There will also be a Christmas doubleheader with Philadelphia at Dallas and the N.Y. Jets at Miami. And with a full slate of games on New Year's Eve, celebrate the last day of 2006 with all your favorite teams.

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    Re: '06 NFL TV schedule

    Darn..I hate the fact we got the Sept. 11th bowl in D.C.. That means the President will be there. It's going to be a high profile game.

    The Skins are going to be pumped up ugh!


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    Re: '06 NFL TV schedule

    I think I like the NFLs new scheduling system. It should allow us to see better matchups later into the season.

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    Re: '06 NFL TV schedule

    Not a huge surprise that the Vikes aren't on national tv very much. Afterall, they weren't a playoff team last season and the media across the country don't expect good things this season either...

    Thank goodness there's direct tv...
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    Re: '06 NFL TV schedule

    It's nice to have DirecTv then you don't have to worry if you actually get to see the game. The only problem is goes out if it's raning hard or snowing.

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    Re: '06 NFL TV schedule

    I'm surprised it took the TV networks til now to demand a flexible schedule, what with the amount of money they pump into the product every year. I mean Green Bay at Baltimore for the Monday Night Game in Week 15?! Dear oh dear..

    Here's to seeing games in the final month of the season where teams have something to play for!

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    Re: '06 NFL TV schedule

    Flexible N.F.L. Schedule Should Suit NBC
    The New York Times
    Published: August 1, 2006

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