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What It Means To Bleed Purple.

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by , 08-13-2012 at 11:55 PM (825 Views)
I have been a Vikings fan for about 38 years now and I am still as passionate about my team as I was when I was younger. I remember Met stadium in december, snow falling and Bud Grant on the sidelines. Fran Tarkenton was my hero and Chuck Foreman was right up there with him. I guess all of them were my heroes as a kid. Through the years I've had many favorites, from John Randle to Cris Carter and of course Randy Moss. I've cheered for Scott Studwell and Steve Jordan, and jumped out of my chair as Robert Smith scored on a long touchdown run. And I love the team today, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Christian Ponder and Jared Allen. I think most Viking fans would agree that it truly does get in your blood. Cheering for the Vikings comes as natural as breathing. To me bleeding purple means cheering and wearing your colors win or lose, and cheering the legacy left by some of the games all time greats. SKOL VIKINGS!!!

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  1. purplepride57's Avatar
    I agree 100 percent with your your blog spindoctor, I've been a Vikings fan since I was ten years old and I'm now fifty five. It does get in y our blood and I will cheer for the Vikings win or lose. Skoal Vikings!
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  2. spindoctor44's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback, that's alot of years and great memories.
  3. NordicNed's Avatar
    Thanks for the intro blog spindoctor..Been a fan since 1968, when I was 7. I love your avitar, I had that poster hanging in my bedroom for years. Lord knows where it is now. Nice to have you on the site.
  4. CrazygiraffePPE's Avatar
  5. spindoctor44's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NordicNed
    Thanks for the intro blog spindoctor..Been a fan since 1968, when I was 7. I love your avitar, I had that poster hanging in my bedroom for years. Lord knows where it is now. Nice to have you on the site.
    I got to meet Chuck Foreman in Brookings South Dakota, he was there signing autographs for charity. Nice guy, had Joey Browner with him. Chuck was the best back in football for a few years, great memories.
  6. NordicNed's Avatar
    I hear ya, that must have been sweet. Few years ago, I was visiting MN for a Vikings game in the winter time. Attended the PPO Tailgate party and came from CT with a load of my home made Keibasa, it was so awesome, Chuck Foreman found us by smell...LMAO At least thats what I want to believe. hahahahaha He visited our tailgate and signed a ball for my son. He then proceded to stuff his face with a couple of my Kielbasa's...hahahahhahaha I had a nice chat with him, and couldn't believe we was eating my home made kielbasa and just shooting the bull with me, before the game....Moments like that you just don't forget..
  7. Purple People Podcast's Avatar
    My grandfather came over to Minnesota from Norway and naturally became a Vikings fan. He wanted to see his boys in purple win the Super Bowl. Well, I'll have to carry on that legacy for him. SKOL!
  8. VikesfaninWis's Avatar
    Yeah I have been a Viking fan since I was a young lad, and I am 34 right now. Right now it is extremely frustrating for me to be a fan of this team for several reasons. First, I hated the Brad Childress hire. When he came here, it seems the entire team took a turn for the worse. When he got fired, they promoted Frazier who has struggled massively as the DC. This team for me, is very stale and in need of a major overhaul. Secondly, I live and work in Green Bay Wisconsin, all of my friends and co workers are Packers fans. As much as I hate to say it, the Green Bay Packer organization is what most teams can only wish to model their franchise after. I meet my buddies for lunch at Curly's Pub inside Lambeau Field, I have toured their Hall of Fame and looked at their SB Trophies wishing and wondering if I will ever witness one of those trophies with the Vikings name on it. I can sit here and honestly say that I don't think I will ever witness the Vikings winning the SB in my lifetime.

    I am not the type of guy who supports a team just to say I am a fan. I support and pay lots of money to expect them to compete for the SB Title every year. I was extremely excited a few years back when they were within 1 play of getting to the SB. And like always, they choked that opportunity away.

    So what I am saying is that I have always been a Vikings fan, and don't see that ever changing, but I am very jealous living here in Green Bay witnessing this towns football tradition, watching Aaron Rodgers play they way he does, and only wishing the Vikings could have a QB half as good as him. Hearing all my buddies say that if the Packers franchise ended today, the Vikings would never be able to accomplish what GB has to this point, and they are right. One of my buddies just text me and said wow, the Vikings suck, and I have to agree with him. It's exhausting supporting a team like the Vikings and wondering if they will ever win the big game. At this point I will have to say they won't, and probably have to watch the Packers win another SB or two and Rodgers win more MVP Titles. It sucks being a Viking fan right now.