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Hard To Bleed Purple?

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by , 09-13-2012 at 01:01 AM (488 Views)
Ever since I can remember I have taken some heat for being a Vikings fan. I'm sure many of you can relate. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard "the Vikings lost four Super Bowls" I'd have a tidy little sum of money. Fran Tarkenton once said that"teams who never go to the Super Bowl get more respect than teams that go to the Super Bowl and lose". Sadly this is true. When the vikings lost the NFC championship in 98 the punchlines once again were everywhere. Never mind that at that time they set the record for most points in a season, had the rookie of the year ( Randy Moss ) and were the most explosive team in the NFL. Yes we had the 41- "doughnut" game against the Giants, and of course the "loveboat" scandal. More recently we had the Vikings loss to the Saints in overtime of the championship game, then we watch them beat the Colts to win the Super Bowl( even though they cheated to do it). I suppose a person could look at all of the heartbreak and wonder if it's worth it to even cheer for them anymore. Well, to me it is! Yes there have been heartwrenching moments but there have been so mant great ones. How about the 2005 NFC wildcard game when we knocked the Packers out of the playoffs AT Lambeau? Petersons 296 against the Chargers. The already mentioned 98 team. The 69 Vikings with Joe Kapp & that unbelievable defense. The dominant teams of the early 70's. Some of the best in NFL history have played for the Vikings, and they have their bust in Canton to prove it. Tarkenton, Eller, Page, Yary, Randle and yes, legendary head coach Bud Grant are just a few. Now I understand that all of this never came with a Super Bowl trophy and we're still chasing that elusive title, however i am still one who is proud of them. So while other teams & their fans are counting their Super Bowl rings I'll throw on my Tarkenton jersey & cheer for my Vikings. I've never given up & I'll never be ashamed. SKOL VIKINGS!!

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  1. ShowingMyHorns's Avatar
    I feel your pain brother. Totally worth it.