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Jason Mitchell

1st blog entry

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by , 05-26-2012 at 04:26 PM (687 Views)
well this is my 1st blog entry on this site. as you can see my name is jason. however, my fan name is "lurcho libre." i have been a viking fan since march 23, 1978 (dob), and will continue to be one for the rest of my life. i have been a season ticket holder since the 2008 season and will continue to be until the day i die.

a little bit about the fan name: most of my friends/co-workers have called me "lurch" my whole life. i am a huge wrestling fan, (u can't c see me). and i bought a vikings mexican luchadors mask in mexico last fall, (hence the name "lurcho libre"). anyways, i hope you all enjoy the page and feel free to send a friend request. no request will be denied. skol forever!

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