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We declare war.

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by , 10-20-2011 at 05:57 AM (976 Views)
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Bambi Bembenek

Sig bet? Spot you seven.

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  1. Purple Floyd's Avatar
    Only 7?

    You are only giving me 7 points for a 1-5 team with a brand new QB going against the most electrifying football team in sports entertainment history?
    Oh, we smell what you are cooking.......

    If you had any balls at all you would spot me 28 and feel confident that that bandwagon loaded with coal and stoked for TYOTT would cover it easily.....
    Updated 10-20-2011 at 09:48 AM by Purple Floyd
  2. Purple Floyd's Avatar
  3. Dfoster's Avatar
    You think you need 28? I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do. YOU PICK THE SPREAD.

    HONOR SYSTEM (Seinfeld episiode reference)

    But if you go all the way to 28, and we cover, an honorable opponent would take that horn that quagmire --'scuse me, Dagmarr-- blows and shove it straight up his .... well, you know the rest... on my behalf, lol

  4. Dfoster's Avatar
    Before the posting- parachutists file in--- I already know you call him friggin' "Ragnar".
  5. 12purplepride28's Avatar
    It's ragnar you inbred
  6. Formo's Avatar
    lol 12/28!

    Dave, you suck. =P
  7. Purple Floyd's Avatar

    You are putting me in a tough spot because I am thinking this might be the most lopsided loss in the history of the series for my team.

    that being said I hate to inflate your head any more than it is as we don't need any more solar eclipses this year so I guess I'll just take the straight up win and know that at some point things will turn around and hopefully you will have the stones to poke around here and take a little back home with you.

  8. Dfoster's Avatar
    It's a deal my friend. I'll work with ya though, call it the "honor amongst thieves" syndrome, or something... lol- btw, ya never know with these new qb's what you might see, and I'll happily deal with it if Christian pulls one out of his ass for you. I can "swing a loss" right now. In other words, sincere good luck this Sunday.
  9. Purple Floyd's Avatar
    Well, send it on over...

    Still- Only winning by 6 points against a 1-6 team with a rookie QB starting his first game is really nothing to gloat about IMHO but have fun with it.
  10. Dfoster's Avatar
    Winning by only 6 points against a 1-6 team with a rookie starting his first game is nothing to gloat about. When you are right, you're right, this I admit. I really think you have the makings of a winner in Ponder, and that goddamned AD drives me insane.

    We are calling this a wash in the bet dept.

    I feel lucky to have won this game, and if you don't believe me, ask my wife. She'll tell you about me having on my lucky t-shirt, adding my lucky long-sleeve shirt, searching (for naught) for my lucky hat (I wore my plan "b" 2007 NFC North champ rusted-ass POS hat-- I NEVER wear my SB XLV hat, that would be bad mo-jo, imo, lol

    You certainly don't look like a 1-6 team, fwiw.

  11. Purple Floyd's Avatar
    Why call it a wash? It was a win by the Packers and a bet is a bet. If we are going to continue this yearly thing then it is only fair that we live up to the terms. Yes, I gave you a bit of a break when Brett had his roll on and such but I am not interested in pity or charity so you might as well send something over because when the tide turns if you are still around I am going to expect you to live up to your end.

    Congrats on a nice little come from behind win. I know a true packers fan wouldn't want it any other way.